Now Luxury House in just Rs.1999 /sq.ft


Why Shaukat Builders

Here’s where you expect us to exaggerate “about us” right? Our excellence in service, our Professional Builder awards, etc. . .

But that’s not who we are. We are; what we do.

Why Shaukat Builders?
At Shaukat Builders we think what we do matters, because a new home is so much more than bricks and mortar. We believe a new home is the foundation to the picture of how life should be and can be. To us, the idea of a home goes way beyond construction, service, and design . It’s the very cornerstone of life’s hopes and aspirations, it’s a brave thing to create. We understand and respect those who set out to create their dreams around a new home. We appreciate the fragility of such visions and to protect and nurture those dreams.

Touch it, feel it, see it, live it

We believe your home is the ultimate way to express yourself and we understand the need to find the right house design and interior theme to suit your personality and lifestyle. With a beautiful new Shaukat Builders home you can get everything you’ve been looking for and you don’t have to settle for a renovated compromise.

  • Entire range of Access, Lifestyle, Prestige and Signature specifications are available in Lahore.
  • Wide range of stunning kitchen and bathroom designs, structural options and
    storage solutions to choose.
  • Wide range of tiles, fittings, fixtures & electrical options can be selected from
    Showroom with the help of our consultants.
  • Dedicated interior designer to help make your selection process a smooth one.

Real Estate

Contact Shaukat Builders and Real Estate when in need of land of your own choice and location . Real Estate market in Lahore is very deceiving, so, there are few reliable estate agents. Shaukat Builders is one of those who really care about their clients. We believe in fare, transparent and true deals.
The benefits

  • Transparent Deals without any agent’s top ups.
  • 1 % Services Charges instead of 2%.
  • Face to Face buyer and seller meeting without hidden deals

The process

Contact your Shaukat Builders and real estate to visit the land or property.

  • View the available properties
  • Make your offer to buy the Property
  • If Settlement occurs, only 1% service charges will be charged.